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Welcome to our Supernova Database (SNDB) home page!

For a further explanation of the SNDB please refer to BSNIP I (Silverman et al. 2012, MNRAS, 425, 1789).

If you use a significant amount of data from the SNDB: Please consider adding Jeffrey M. Silverman and Alexei V. Filippenko as co-authors.


Below are two websites that allow you to interact with the SNDB.

LOSS Cosmology paper (Ganeshalingam et al. 2013, MNRAS, 433, 2240)

Here are the data from LOSS Cosmology paper:

BSNIP I (Silverman et al. 2012, MNRAS, 425, 1789)

Download a tar file of all spectra here.

Here are the full tables from BSNIP I:

Plots of all of the fully reduced spectra, as well as galaxy-subtracted spectra, presented in BSNIP I are here. Spectral sequence plots for all objects in BSNIP I with more than 7 spectra are here. Plots of all objects for which (re-)classifications were made, compared to their best-matching SNID template, are here.

The SNID v7.0 Spectral Templates are here. To add the new templates to your version of SNID, follow these instructions.

BSNIP II (Silverman et al. 2012, MNRAS, 425, 1819)

Here are the full tables from BSNIP II:

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